Newbie: Pinnacle driving me crazy…should I stick with it?

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      Trying my darndest to get this thing working (Studio 10). Preview box flickers on my first attempt. Went to the website…followed the FAQ’s..did all the footwork. I am ready to take it back. (Dell computer with an intel graphics chipset) :'( I just want to transfer my Hi 8mm videos of my kids to DVD. So I bought Studio 10 plus. Anything else I should be looking at?

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      It was the frustrating experience I kept on having with Studio (version 8 was my cross) that drove me screaming for another solution – I moved to Sony’s Screenblast Movie Studio (Pre-cursor to Vegas Movie Studio) and then to the full blown Vegas soon thereafter. It is the best decision I have ever made! Studio was driving me mad and I have yet to try anything in Vegas that I couldn’t do and have never had it blow up or freeze on me (knock on wood).

      If price is an issue, I would look at Sony’s Movie Studio line (sub $100) as it is almost as functional as the full product and is easy to use and intuitive.

      Just my $0.02.


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      Thanks!….I’ll look for the Sony! This Studio thing is killing me. πŸ˜€

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      i liked pinnacle more than vegas, and i hated pinnacle, I suggest if you have the money go for final cut pro or express, express is the cheaper of the two. ive used a lot of editing programs and both final cuts ive found to be the most user friendly and most powerful, i dont know about adobe premire i have a friend who likes that but ive never used it.

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      I’ve used both Vegas and Adobe and Adobe is easier to use to me but if you are moving 8mm over to digital you will need some type of capture card/box.

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