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      hello all, i am a total novice to all this, so i will probably drive you all insane asking really simple questions again and again. I am building a website and would like to put some of my videos on it. It is possible several people will be watching at once. I am using a little JVC 20GB hdd camcorder and JVC’s own software at present. From this sites homepage i know i may need a host with streaming video server and encoder software, or do i? All help gratefully received richard

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      You can place standard video files on your website and people can download them or you can encode your video to Flash files.
      Either way your hosting server should be able to help you with what you want to do.
      The biggest problem with video on the web is bandwidth. Larger video files will/should give you better images but they take longer to "load" and people may not stay around while it loads to see your video.
      Smaller files mean less quality but they load faster.

      There are many options out there and you should be able to find a solution that works for you but work with the people hosting your site as they should know what you need or work with what you have.

      I hope that helps you.

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      Hi Richard,

      If you’re looking for an easy way into web video, we suggest checking out VideoEgg, Blip.TV, and YouTube. You can upload your video to be compressed and housed for the web. You can then embed them in, or link them to your website. The compression quality is average, but the ease-of-use is high.

      -Andrew @ VM

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      I uploaded to Google to save bandwidth. If you go to my site and click on the storyboard/preview screen, you will go to the videos page.( ) This is how I merge the Google uploads into my site so they are easy to access.

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      Hi Richard –

      I use YouTube a lot. I also convert video to SWF and host that on my site as well. On2 Software has a Flash encoder called Flix for aroun $39 which works well enough – They also have a "Pro" version for around $250 that does a two pass method which is VERY good.

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      I like Google because it provides traffic reports for daily, monthly, and all time. Also, it shows hits via email links and embedded. The ability to provide links to your web site is very important. So far, I have over 85,000 hits on the videos.

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