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      I took a film class in school and I’m really interested in making short films.. Fellini style! I mostly want to create pods for Current tv. I would like to keep the price range under a $1000; I will also like to buy used if its good quality and it cost less.So what 3ccd(?) camera is good to buy cheap but does very well.. I know there is a push for the HD, but is it worh it? Also what software is good to buy?

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      Hey, Did u though about the Canon HV20 or HV30? I heard that they are really good!

      I have a Canon HR10 camcorder. it records in mini-dvd in avchd format, but with Sony Vegas pro 8, i edit it smoothly and easily, as any other format. i bought it for $399 at my local fry’s store becouse it was “old”. I use dvd-RW, so i record, put the .m2ts files to my pc, erase the whole disc, and record again, and again, and again…it is a REALLY good camcorder.

      Well, Good Luck With the search,


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      P.S.: The HR10 uses 1 CMOS chip.

      P.S.S.: The HV20, HV30, and the HR10 are HD camcorders!

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      Thanks a lot!! I check them out on ebay or something. So the push for HD now is a “must have”?

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      I don’t think HD is a “must have”, but many people think so, so it might end up that way. I might be getting the Canon Vixia HF10 so if somebody wants HD, I can give it to them.

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      yeah.. i think HD WILL become a must have, but not yet. with the new blu-ray era and now that almost everything is hd, i thnk you should be prepared. i bought a HD camacorder so i dont have to buy another one when everything will be recorded in hd and etc…be prepared for the worst, hope for the better.

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      A year ago, I would have said the same – That SD is here for a very long time (which it is).

      That said, I have made the move into HD with a very small expenditure (all relative). I recently got a Sony SR11 which records HD via AVCHD (1920 X 1080 @ 60i). I find that I am loving the 16:9 and not going the HDV route (which sacrifices audio quality when recording on tape) I like the 48khz Dolby 5.2 audio as well.

      I still create SD DVD’s (in widescreen and 4:3) but my NLE (Vegas) does a great job of downconverting on the fly (I work with the AVCHD files on the timeline and Vegas does the rest) BUT I can output to HD for web viewing (Vimeo offers HD).

      At some point next year I will have a BluRay recorder on the PC and a player and HD TV so I will make better use of it then but I gotta say, once bitten…..

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