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      Iplan to buya Canon T3i DSLR and would like to create video/slide shows. I normally download my still shots to my PC and then edit, add music, titles, etc.–I have been using an old3 mega pixel point and shoot Canonand then burning to DVD (standard DVD burner). I would like some opinions from you experienced guys on the following questions:

      1- The pictures, when “published” to DVD and played back through my standard DVD player on my 1080i TV are always not nearly as sharp as when displayed onmy PC from the PC’s harddrive. Is the lack of sharpness a directresult of the 3 MP camera? Or when transferring from one media to another (camera to PC, PC to DVD, etc.), is some of the sharpness/resolution lost in the process?

      2- With the Canon T3i DSLR (which has 1080p video capability and 18 mega pixels), will I be able to achieve 1080p video and still shots worthyof 18 mega pixels when I produce my slideshows and display it on a 1080p tv as described above? Keep in mindI have a standard DVD burner and standard DVD player, not blu-ray. My produced slide shows are usually around 15-20 mins long.

      3- Would I need to invest in a blu-ray burner and player to retain the original sharpness?

      Thanks…any and all opinions would be welcome.

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      DVD High Quality is 720×480, 29.97fps

      Go blu-ray.


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      I’m not 100 percent positive with the newer cameras, Charles, especially the HDSLR and DSLR units, but it’s possible that your excellent computer images are due to square pixels and the resulting montage images have not been converted to rectangular pixels for video playback. Some programs do this automatically, others require manual adjustment or establishing a preset to do it. I used to have to convert my square pixel images to rectangular in Photoshop but I now have a program that does this for me automatically.

      I STILL produce my montages in SD, however, so my input may be moot regarding your efforts to produce HD quality, which is still able to be burned to a standard DVD, but will require a HD capable DVD player or HDTV system to realize the uptick in quality … I suspect.

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