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      Good day to each of you.

      I am new at video editing, finally picked up a subscription to VM and then found this forum. WONDERFUL. (Finally a civil on-line community, it’s too rare)

      While retired very early due to a disability, I’ve been a film (still) Photographer for a number of years. Never gone digital execpt for quick snaps etc. now for specific reasons, I’m moving to Multi-media, i.e., Still Photographs (Scanned negatives), HD Video via a JVC-10U, 8MM film video processed on transfered onto DVD, Voice-over and Background tracks, i.e., Audio B roll. I sincerely believe that Multimedia is the way to go for any photographer with something to present i.e., story, documentary etc, is a large emerging technology.

      I now have a new iMac 27″, 3.0Ghz w/1TB internal HD, 2TB external Drive and several 500GB external drives.

      I’m very excited about this passion and excited to have found this just awesome community Thanks to VideoMaker.

      So, my iMac has just 4Gig of RAM expandable to 16GB. I’ve getting the vibe from reading this forum that my next step would be to try to upgrade RAM???

      Keeping in mind that I’ve purchased FCP Studio 2 a bit ago, a wonderful USB condenser Mike system.

      I’m also learning via web tutorials and plan on buying the VM tutorials if you don’t think they are above my head?

      One more please, when I can afford it I’ll get an external TV but I would like a jog wheel to help. I have MS and less hand and arm work is really a relief for me. So, do I wait and save for a Euphonix Transport or is there something else for me that would be worth it?

      Thank you so much.


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      Tom, welcome to the forum. I’m relatively new but enjoy it a great deal and have benefited from it. I don’tknow about Macs, but if you have 4 GB ram now, that’s enough unless you’re experience problems. I’ve edited some nice stuff with less ram than that in the recent past. I think the VM tutorials are great, not over your head (you’ve got some good experience from the sounds of things). If they are, then they won’t be for long–you’ll get use out of them before too long as your skills improve. Good luck!

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      Hey buddy, interesting blog, and interesting post – I enjoyed reading about what you’ve been doing, what you’ve acquired regarding equipment, and where you’d like to go with things. As Pseudo noted, you have a GREAT base from which to move to the next level of production.

      While I have no specific comments at the moment, I will also have to agree that the VM tutorials should work for you NOW, more or less. VM is a great resource, as is this forum and many of the participants, for folks wanting to do something with video/photography or cross-platform, as you’ve noted.

      There are other resources as well, Lynda dot com comes to mind with a range of tutorials specific to some of the software you have, or might be using in the near future. Also, many folks here, myself included, have blog sites with information, ideas, marketing concepts/aoproaches, how-to instructional information and more.

      You could/should also visit DV Professionals and Video University, if you are not already familiar with them. And then there’s Jay Michael’s In The Viewfinder, and Lorraine Grula to check out.

      Finally, if you are not yet participating in Twitter and/or Facebook, you’re overlooking some GREAT social environments for connecting with others in the field of photography and video production.

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      Earl, thank you very much for your kind words. I’ve not been able to post much on my blog as you have read I’m going thru a bit right now, but getting much better but just found out I have another operation coming up. But, life is for living and I’m going to keep living it.

      YOU have some blog yourself! I’ve RSS’ed you and the links you’ve been kind enough to share and will looking at this evening. (After The Pacific this evening, been waiting for a year for this show)

      Again, thank you for the time. This is a WONDERFUL resource and again, it’s SO refreashing to find a civil community online.



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      P.S. Forgot to mention, I was accepted into the Kalish Multimedia workshop coming up which I’m very excited about.

      If you’d like a good read, my (now) very good friend did a photo story on me at:

      Very best,


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      Hey Tom, you’re getting some PLAY on Twitter, thanks to @LorraineGrula – also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your story and Joe McNally on the blog TRULY INSPIRING.

      I’ve not had to deal with pain to the extent YOU have, but I have to say that for anyone experiencing chronic pain to ANY extent – MORE or less – your determination to continue the fight is a source of inspiration.

      YOU GO, Tom!

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      To answer your question about a jog wheel. I really like using the Contour Design ShuttlePro 2.It has some preset functions for the variousprograms and is easy to edit the keysto your specific likes. Between that and Logitechs Trackman wheel mousethere is very little arm movement once you get in the editing groove.

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