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      I have a Windows 7, 64 bit system, 2 TB HDs and I am learning Sony Vegas Pro 10 (very slowly). I have my OS and assorted other software on one drive. I have a huge backlog of tapes that I am capturing, and at first, everything went to the ??C?? drive. I was advised to save my captured material onto a different HD, and to add a 3rd HD (for rendering?). I have done so, but I am unsure as to how the 3rd HD is actually utilized. I have finished a couple very short projects, but I used other editing software and just 2 HDs. Also, during my initial fiddling around in Vegas, somehow, I managed to change some other default settings – whoops! – and now when I open it, I get the message: ??The media library Default could not be opened.?? HELP please!

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      Hold CTRL-SHIFTwhen starting, andVegas performs a “reset to default values.

      When you can see the new HDD’sdriveletterin windows explorer you can just use a path on that disk as output when you render. Note: none of the disks should be USB disks as this is far to slow.

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      Thank you very much for the quick response – I will try this tonight. Also, I wrote my initial post in Word, then cut & pasted it into this forum – sorry it looks so messy, guess I won’t do that again.

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