Newbie here: Hope I made the right decision (camcorder)

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      After weeks and weeks of researching camcorders, I purchased a Sony DCR-HC96 and it’s scheduled to be here in a few days. I want a camcorder to do short films.

      My initial contenders were the Panasonic GS 300 & 500 as well as the Canon Elura 100. The reason the Panasonics were eliminated from the line up was that they can’t accept an external camera ( since I want to attach one of these to my helmet while on motorcycle trips. I really liked the 3 CCD feature of these cameras and so many folks raved about the quality of the picture, etc. but without a LANC input and ability to run the helmet cam I felt I needed to keep looking.

      The Elura was discounted because I didn’t feel like it was up to par with some of the other camcorders I was looking at (my budget kept increasing during the research ;-)).

      Finally, I settled on the Sony. It’s not a 3 CCD camera but has a pretty large imager (1/3-inch) and many also raved about this model. With technology blowing swiftly by us every day of our lives I just wanted to know if I made the right decision or should have spent a bit more on something better.


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      Actually, I AM having mac & cheese tonight. X-D

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      Well, I just ordered my PD170 today, along with a whole bunch of other extremely expensive stuff.

      I hope I picked a good one.

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