Newbie help: video capture always crashing

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      So I should probably have lurked for a while before posting, but I’m going nuts just trying to get started here. I am trying to do the most basic thing: just get some video from my camcorder (Sony, Hi8) into my computer (Windows ME, ATI All-in-Wonder v. card). I realize this equipment is not exactly the most modern, but I know people were doing this stuff a few years ago when this equipment was newer, so it seems to me this should be possible.

      2 Problems:

      For now I’m just trying to use Windoze MovieMaker. I’ll move up to ULead when I’ve decided I can use WMM! I am finding that WMM or the capture firmware is crashing my Dell Desktop more times than not whenever I start trying to capture video. Sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s often enough to be completley impractical. Sometimes it crashes before I’ve tried to record, just while it’s displaying the video from my camcorder. Do I simply give up here and get a new system? What’s the source of my instability? Windoze ME? ATI firmware? Why should I believe it will be stable if I get a new system?

      Also, I found the only way I way to get audio in is to connect a dongle from the A/V out of my ATI video card into the line-in of my sound card. But then I have to click select on the Line-In on the Recording utility ALL THE TIME. Still, in Sony Vegas, it won’t ‘catpure’ any audio, and in Windoze MM, it always resets the audio source to Phone Vol no matter how many times I set it to Line In, so I have to start recording and go to the sound utility and select Line-In every time.

      This can’t be the proper way to do this. Does anyone else have any experience here? This isn’t supposed to be the hard part. I want to get to shooting and editing video, not dicking around with this stuff. Any help would be so appreciated. Thanks.

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