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      Hello! Im new here and i am wondering if anyone already have done a project like this:

      The project is for a “lock company” i need to Merge 6 video in one , I have 6 Video that are from diferent company Each video need to have a timer under the video to show people how many time that take for broke the lock, once the lock is broken the timer need to “flash” in red in the video.

      The company just want to show thats competitor lock broke faster.

      How i can do this ? which programs i need to use, is there a way to do this whit adobe premiere cs6 ? or any Adobe programs ? or Other?

      If you dont understand what i means just feel free to ask me more explication!
      Thanks in advances

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      Almost any decent NLE will allow you do to split-screens and overlay timecode (which can often be set independently of the media timecode). Premiere can accomplish what you need….but you might struggle with it if you’re not familiar with the software. Do you have a budget to sub this out or hire an editor to help you?

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      In Sony Vegas, “Time Code” is an FX which can be added to the time line or, for your purposes, to single clips. Pretty straight forward.



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