newbie: buying my first dvd burner

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      I need to buy a simple (low-end) internal DVD reader / writer and am looking at a number of models:

      SONY DRV-830A
      Samsung SH-S183
      Pioneer DVR-111D

      any thoughts? I am looking to spend under $100.00 since this is my first one and I am just learning.

      My priorities are (in this order): 1) good image quality, 2) readability on a common DVD player, 3) speed.

      Thanks in advance for any advice,


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      I own 5 Pioneer DVR-111s. They work great and only cost me $35 each (

      Image quality is not determined by the burner. Its determined by the software that creates your DVD files. For compatibility with set top players, use the "-R" format disc. "+R" has less compatibility (but still work). As far as speed is concerned, most burners will write at 16X but high speed burning is not recommended as it is more apt to create writing errors. At 4x I can write a full DVD in 15 minutes. I also have 5 so I can create 5 in 15 minutes if I need to. Gear video 8 allows me to write to all 5 simultaneously.

      Also, when creating your DVD files, use a bitrate of 7MBps or less. If you go higher than that your disc could skip and choke due to excessive information.

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      Lite-On LH-20A1P, $31.99 at NewEgg

      20x DVD+R, DVD-R capability. Writes a standard DVD in about five minutes.

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      as far as image quality, that depends on what you are bringing in, the length of material you are putting on the DVD. In order to get a lot of material on the dvd, you have to use higher compression rates and that will decrease the quality. Next, as far as speed and compatibility; just because you can burn a dvd at say 12x doesn’t mean you should. I generally burn my dvd’s at half the max speed available to the drive or dvd type.


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