Newbie Alert ! Help Needed Camera Settings !

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      I have a “help the newbie” thread… up until 6 months ago I was shootign with a pretty simple Sony PC 120 video camera… but recently invested a big chunk of change on a Sony HD Z5E video camera… now all I need to do is work out what I should be setting the settings on lol…

      I shoot in pretty small apartments usually… normally with some natural lighting, and I also throw 2x 650 Arri Juniors in to brighten things a little, even though dont usually notice too much difference with the natural light… Usually bounce the lights off the ceiling… as pointing them at the subject usually creats crazy shadows in the small area we shoot in…

      So my questions are…

      1. Shutter Speed… ? What shutter speed should I set the camera on ? I shoot glamour stuff so it’s models

      2. DB Gain… I under stand it improves the brightness, but at what expense ? Does a higher DB gain make the image more grainy, like when you shoot in a high ISO on a stills camera ?

      3. Does using a low F stop on the iris have the same effect as the stills camera, as in blurs background ?

      Thanks in advance


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      99% of the time you want to shoot at 1/60th shutter speed.

      Yes, increasing gain creates grain. I usually don’t go over +3dB, but I rarely even do that.

      Yes. F1.4 will have a shallower DoF than F8

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      Hey Thanks Robert… I am such a newbie, I have been shooting on a shutter speed of 1000 and relying on the DB gain to suplement the light, I am guessing the video I already shot may be a little grainy πŸ™ But at least I know for the future πŸ™‚ Thanks again…

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      oh man…1/1000? That’s a really fast shutter speed. You will probably never need to go that fast.

      The time when you want to increase shutter speed is when you are shooting something and have plans to slow down the footage in post. Increasing the shutter speed will reduce motion blur, but reducing the motion blur looks funny if your not slowing down the footage. so keep it at 1/60 for the most part.

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      Thanks Mate as I said a total newbie πŸ™‚

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