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      I am trying to practice doing humorous commentary by filming a weekly 2 minute short and posting it on MySpace. I know nothing about filming, editing, or audio. I am using a digital still camera, audacity for audio editing, and movie maker for video editing. I need advice on how to improve but not break the bank.

      Feedbackon my delivery, writing, etc would also be appreciated.

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      Your delivery is actually quite good! You have the face and looks for TV! Here are some pointers.

      First, lose the laugh track. Untill you can appear to be on a set with an actual audience it comes across as cheesy.

      Next, either try a green screen set or make a little make shift set in the corner of your room. The plain wall and photo (with the laugh track) is not working for you girl. πŸ™‚ Set up a little table and bar stool, maybe a plant in the background. Add some color!

      Third, White balance the camera, your background and skin tones are yellow.

      Fourth, Loosen up, don’t stand with your hands behind your back. Move around a bit but stay in frame. You may want to set up once and frame yourself from the breast up rather than the waist. You’ll fill up more of the frame, the audio will be better because you are closer to the camera and you can move less if that bothers you.

      If your editor will let you green screen, you can get a fake set here:

      Try keying yourself over one of the news sets there. You can use the laugh track in moderation then if you wish.

      For uTube the camera you have is fine, it delivers a fine picture and the frame rate appears to be ok. Later you may wish to purchase something in the pro line category with the ability to hook up and external mic.

      When reading off a cue card, try to put the card over or under the camera. Looking off to the side we can tell you are reading. Teach yourself to read one sentence ahead so you can glance at the card now and then but look directly into the camera. You appear to be doing this somewhat now, more practice and you can nail it.

      SLOW DOWN. LOL You appear to be reading too fast and it shows. Relax. Take a breath now and then. πŸ™‚

      Pause between stories.

      About the set again… You may want to sit down. Maybe sitting at a table or on a barstool. Again, if you can arrange a few pieces of furniture in the room into a relaxed set and just talk to the camera like you are talking to a friend. This would be good. A prop could be good too, like maybe a wine glass and that hot black dress. Or a rose in a vase on the table.

      Enlist a friend to act as cameraman/person. They can dolly up to you when you begin your newscast. You can make it look like an informal and relaxed living room setting. Watch Oprah. Or E! for some set ideas and framing.

      YOU HAVE THE LOOK. A good demo reel could land you a job in TV easy. Just relax, slow down a bit and try not to come across like you are reading but rather like you are talking.

      When the camera comes on there is pressure, It’s hard to think about all this stuff and try to express yourself.

      I take it this is a one woman show? No camera guy, nobody else in the room? That’s ok but in time you will need to learn to do this with others in the room. πŸ˜‰

      Also remember, you can pause the camera and cut out any unnecessary footage. like when you reach over to stop the camera. Try introducing yourself framed the way you have it now, then step toward the camera, reframe a closer shot and start the show. Cut the part out where you step up. It will look like the camera angle change, like you have a closeup camera and a medium shot camera.

      You could play with that too. Like shoot the intro then pause and sit down then shoot yourself in the new location. Or shoot like you have it now, then step up and turn yourself at a 20 degree angle and move the camera around, You are in the same location, just a different angle. This too will appear you have two cameras.

      Remember, TV/video is illusion. Don’t be afraid to fake it. It’s all fake. LOL

      Good luck and please come back and let us see what you come up with! πŸ˜€


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      in addition to above:

      see if you can find a “Tocheire” style floor lamp…the type that has a (150-500 watt bulb)halogen bulb and stands like a tall coat rack….(I got two at yardsales for $3.00 each)

      this will make bouncing some much needed light off the ceiling easy for you.

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      OMG! First off, I can’t believe that you took the time to watch and give me so much advice! I am so impressed!

      I will definitely have to use all the advice you both gave me. It will probably take a few weeks to get all this incoporated (although I am using 2 Tocheires, but it sounds like I am using them incorrectly). This week will be more of the same. When I get it tweaked I will definitely post again.

      I am basically a computer geek trying to try something new, so I appreciate the encouragement and all the feedback.

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      No problem. We all started somewhere. πŸ™‚

      Check out my blog for more tips:



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      if you got two lights, you’re on your way.

      search these threads as well as some photography threads on lighting.

      your video was not badly lit, but was a little “flat”.

      get 2 peices of white foamcore board, one black foamcore, and some tinfoil.

      I’ll set up a photo/video showing you how to use it this week.


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      That sounds great, thanks! I am curious about the tinfoil…that was unexpected.

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      Here are a couple of videos to watch that will give you some ideas how to break up the light on the blank wall behind you, and some easy set ideas:

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      I agree with all the comments above.

      The audio sounds like the camera mic.The room echo is obvious. Hopefully your camera has a plug for an external mic that you could place closer.

      I HATEcanned laughter everywhere!Lose it, please, please, please!

      The intro is clean but is just text. I’d keepthe graphics but adda montage of 2 or 3 still clips (maybe set up a shot of Rebin at a faux red-carpet moviepremiere… maybe include stills of the celebs you talk about). It would justify spending 20 seconds on the intro and outro.

      GREAT IDEA! With a little polish, this will reallypop.

      P.S. I’m a big fan of your wardrobe. πŸ™‚

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      Nice attempt without having any prior knowledge of writing, shooting, and editing. Although, to reply to the poster above, I don’t think movie maker will allow green-screening. But I’m not too sure about that. I never used my WMM as I have Adobe Premiere Elements.

      Good job btw! Keep up the good work.

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      I don’t use WMM either and so I checked after the post, it doesn’t allow green screen. She probably will be able to create a make-shift set though.

      I’m glad people are coming out to help her and maybe others reading this thread are getting much needed advice too. πŸ™‚


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      I am not at all a fan of WMM. I will probably have to buy some other software soon, but first things first a new camera and a mic (maybe Canon HF100 and a lavalier mic???)! Everyone hates the laugh tracks, so I will ditch them, get my lighting figured outand my buddy above has given me TONS of great ideas for sets.

      I am SOOOOO thankful for all the great tips and advice, and I am sure others reading are getting lots of help.

      It sounds like my wardrobe;-) is a hit! I am just trying to put my best foot forward. Ok, I get that it is not my foot, but you work with what you have.

      Thanks for all the responses!

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      Ok, here you go, I slapped this together rather quickly….It is wedding season for me, but I think it will spark some ideas for you.

      hope it helps! Let me know what you think…ok?

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      Well Rebe,

      I hope you’ve had a chance to look at that clip. I will be taking it down soon.

      on the diagram, I made for you, you need to know that that set up is only a starting point.

      you could easily move those reflectors around, a good one would be setting up the tinfoil reflector behind the subject (off at 45 deg angle in line with the opposite corners to the lights), and the white reflector in front.

      the key is to get your reflectors and your lights as close to the subjects as you can. and experiment till it looks good.

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      This video tutorial is AMAZING!!!! Why would you take it down? I think this could definitely help a lot of people besides me.

      Using the reflector from underneath is something I never would have thought about. Would there be any way you could keep this up for a few more days? I film my scoop on Fridays and want to use it as a reference.

      I did try out a different background this week (dark bookshelves), but am planning on moving to a bluescreen as soon as I get some new editing software. Will the lighting technique be the same with a bluescreen?

      Thanks so much for taking the time out to help me!!!

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      DOn, COOL Videos! πŸ˜€

      Rebe, you’ll find out that a lot of movie making is done from scratch. LOL You’d be surprised the uses a videographer will find for a paper clip or clothes pin. Hehehe. We will make or stick anything to anything with anything! πŸ™‚

      All that matters is what’s inside the frame, anything outside the audience never see’s so it can be cardboard, tape, rubber bands or even pantyhose. Whatever works. πŸ™‚

      DOn, again…great job!



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      Make you a deal…

      I’ll leave it up for a bit longer, unless bandwidth issues come up.

      later, when I get a chance to podcast it, I’ll let it go on iTunes and utube, but right now I haven’t even put my own comercial/ad on it, so it’s not quite finished.

      As a general rule of thumb… I don’t put my best work on the net. A how-to or something once in a while, but the net is basically a giant garage, with no doors or locks. Not the best place to leave things lying around, if you don’t want them stolen that is.


      bluescreen would not work.

      you need to light your blue screen seperate from your talent, and get your talent a little further (10-12 feet) from the screen.

      you could use this set up for your talent, and it works great for fast set up in small spaces…

      but blue screen is way more advanced, if you want it done right!

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      I found the videos very helpful, so if you put them where others can see it, it would be great. I can definitely understand wanting to keep someone else from taking credit for it.

      I do think I am learning that there are all kinds of tricks to make this all work better. Maybe I will figure out how to incorporate the pantyhose;-)

      For now, I am in a small space, so the lighting video you sent is perfect.

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      I checked out your july 18 clip.

      the video is looking good. The audio…well if your camcorder takes an external mic….rode has a good mic for the money…..

      one other thing…. I’m seeing a catchlight in your eyes that adds a nice sparkle. You have Brown eyes! (sorry for not looking up sooner….)

      It’s coming along …


      keep plugging away and remember me when you’re famous!

      now since you like to stand still during your clips…

      turn your body 45 deg to the camera, put your weight on your back leg, point your front leg out to straighten the leg, and get your elbos away from your waist…..that will really put some BAM! in the way your figure shows on camera!

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      Thanks for checking out my scoop! I was going to postthe new improved versionagain after I get my new video camera and software and after I incorporated ALL the great suggestions I have gotten.

      Give me some more info on the mic if you have it. I will be buying that next after I figure out the camera.

      Famous…well that would be fun. Hard for a nerdy computer programmer to think of…same goes for the posture, but I will definitely take your suggestions. The sparkle youmay be seeing in my eyes may be confusion as to why I am attempting to do this;-)

      Glad to know someone is watching…actually it looks like several someones are watching! But still…thanks!

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      This post looks a little old, but I thought I would give my opinion for what it’s worth as I’m a beginner also.

      1. You could try to fit more of your body/torso into the shot…zoom out a bit.

      2. You can stand with your hands in front of you; see the photo. If you watch the entertainment news anchors they will usually be standing with most of their body in the shot and with one leg in front of the other with their hands around their mid-section.

      3.Also, don’t be afraid to be over dramatic with your facial expressions and tones, to you it might feel weird but it won’t come across that way to the viewers – watch the entertainment anchors and keep this in mind, you will begin to notice how dramatic they are.

      4. I agree about the laughter and background set as mentioned by the others.

      Video Production Editing

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      I appreciate your feedback! I am making some changes to the format and hope to post again soon.

      I am really new at this, so I have been glad to get all the suggestions.

      What are you working on? I don’t feel like I have really gotten to check out anyone else’s work on this site.

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      u should go and download wax from and that will give you green screen

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