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      this is a great forum, full of good information and apparently well behaved people. not like most forums at all.

      i am studying up on digital video production as i recently made some small book repair videos for my blog. and they accidently became promotions for my book. (now i have to revise the damn thing!) this was the 1st one i made
      and the second one i know they kinda suck, but i just did them for youtube fun. and to attract some hits.

      i bought one of those DV 182 3.1 MP Digital Video Camcorder Camera for 45 bucks off ebay and Pinnacle’s studio 10SE.
      Cheap equipment i know, so i didn’t expect them to come out perfect .

      but now i am addicted. my readers from the book sites are now asking me to produce a dvd of repair videos to accompany my next edition.
      who am i to say no? {cha ching}

      After a lot of research I ordered a JVC GZ-MG20U EVERIO which is the best camcorder i could afford that would give me a decent raw image.
      and i prefer using SD cards in all my toys.
      I think I will be still be okay with Pinnacle’s studio 10se, and i am getting a dvd burner installed.

      If i have missed anything i’d appreciate a heads up.
      i good with storyboarding and scripting, and i have discovered that i ADORE editing. I haven’t read a video or film textbook in 20 years.
      perhaps someone can recommend a reference book?

      thank you in advance for any advice.


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      [quote="compusolver"]You say you researched the JVC GZ-MG20U EVERIO, but with just a few Googling clicks, I see that it is noted for poor image quality and produces files that cannot be properly edited (MPEG-2 VOB )

      MPEG-2 is a compressed file type. When you try to edit and recompress, the image quality suffers dramatically. You might (and I stress "might") be ok for 320×240 web video, but definitely not video DVDs.

      By the way, I don’t think Studio 10 will even import MPEG-2 (at least, earlier versions wouldn’t).

      If possible, trade this camera back for one that uses miniDV tapes, and keep enjoying video![/quote]

      i can’t trade it back, but i can probably just ebay it for about the same as i paid.

      as for mpeg-2
      [quote="pinnacle"] Capture, import and export of HDV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and DivX files, Dolby Digital 2 channel audio and DVD Titles and burning of S-VCD and DVDs require free product activation via Internet at the first use. [/quote]
      from the site

      thanks for your opinion, i will runs some tests when it gets here.

      my ballpark is UNDER $500. and that kinda limits me.

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      [quote="compusolver"]You’ll find plenty of sub-five hundred dollar cams that utilize miniDV tape.

      When you test, be sure to try scenes with movement, pans, etc. That’s where the artifacts will really come out when you’re recompressing MPEG-2.[/quote]

      if you can suggest any, i’d be interested in knowing.

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