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      Hi all,

      New guy here. I have experiance recording music using Cakewalk’s Pro-Tracks software and buring it to CDs using Cakewalk’s Pyro. These programs gives me virtually unlimited tracks and full automation over fades and pans. I use this setup to record bands or demo music.

      I have a decent MiniDV camcorder and have messed about with Uleads Video Studio 8 as well as some early software from Pinnacle and Roxio. I am shooting SD and will for the forseeable future. I would like to upgrade to a new version of some product and hoped I could get some guidance here.

      What I need to understand is how does one create a DVD with 5.1 surround sound? What types of software do I need, I do not understand where AC3 encoders come into play and if this is an exrta software or is included with a package. Advise or links to a good explanation would be great!

      I would like to find a package that will allow me to create and layer many tracks of sound, just as Cakewalk does, and would allow me to automate pans and fades between speakers for each track. Then I would like to be able to burn the whole thing to a DVD along with my video. And of course I would like to do it on a shoestring budget.

      Any and all help is appreciated,

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      Yes, you need an AC-3 encoder to do 5.1 surround sound. As Hank mentioned, Sony Vegas Studio + DVD will do it, you can currently get the full blown version of Vegas for around $425 from B&H after a $75 rebate, but as of last check they were sold out. The AC-3 encoder is part of the DVD creation process. The studio version is limited in the number of tracks you can utilize, but the only limitation in the full version is your imagination.

      Good Luck.


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      Thanks gents,

      I just downloaded Sony Vegas 7 + DVD Architect and will give that a spin. Seems with my wife’s teacher discount it will be a very attractive purchase and should meet my needs. Of course now I have to upgrade the old computer, but that was inevitable once I got the new camera, lol.

      I will try to post my experiances creating 5.1 sound as I work my way thru all of this. As I mentioned I come at the whole video experiance from a slightly different viewpoint and maybe others will be get something out of it.

      Thanks again,

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