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      This is my very first on-line forum entry, so I hope I’m doing this right πŸ˜‰

      As introduction, I am the owner of a cooking school located in Southern Italy ( All of my business comes from my website and I spend a small fortune with SEO folks, google adwords, etc.

      I want to begin adding video content to my site. First, I’ll start with vignettes to sell the school/region/city/etc., evoving over time to an video cookbook DVD for sale via the site, and ultimately including paid downloadable lessons. I would like to do as much of this work myself.

      Here’s the rub: I know absolutely nothing about this. To say I’m a ignorant would be giving me too much credit.

      I could use some very basic getting-started advice, including:

      *what is a good starter camera (note: I would like to start small and add more advanced equipment as my needs grow)?
      *what software and assesories should I consider?
      *Are there any weekend classes for beginners one could recommend (note: I live on the East Coast while my instructor runs the school. I can travel anywhere in the states for a weekend).

      Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

      Warm Regard,


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