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      Hello again,

      I posted earlier about basic rates for video work, and while the costs of shooting and editing were covered, I’m curious about what you guys charge for “creative” time- that is, coming up with the idea, for say, an ad.

      For me, what I like to do is brainstorm the idea with the client, what they want etc. and then apply my own ideas as to how this will look as, say, a 1-minute piece.

      So ultimately, this work would include meeting with the client, plus maybe working on and finishing a simple storyboard, before shooting.

      So… what do you guys do when it comes to this aspect of video shoots?

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      Usually, Alan, of course there are ALWAYS exceptions, even to the “rules”, I charge what I refer to as a consultation fee. For me this is a generalized description that covers not only discussing projects, attending planning committee or other committee meetings, and presenting storyboards, scripts, etc. It also applies to what you refer to as “brainstorm” or “creative” time.

      I’ve charged as little as $25 for smaller or individual projects and as much as $50 for high budget production work for corporate or agency consultations.

      More often than not, however, I also credit these fees BACK to the client if they opt to move forward and commit to a project by contract or written agreement. Seems this is a logical approach, like many auto repair estimates and even my Dad’s Texas fencing company charged to “BID” but then reimburses the fees upon receipt of a signed contract/agreement.

      Theirs and my primary objective here is to reduce the amount of hours invested in “consultation” or “bidding” whatever by eliminating tire kickers and at least recovering some time thus expended by collecting such a fee.

      I’m sure there are others who have a different approach but I’ve used my approach as outlined for many years with no perceivable setbacks or lost gigs as a result. But I have managed to collect enough fees to cover lunch and gas on situations where nothing came of the 3-4 hours of consultation.

      Also, keep in mind I am talking about serious commercial or individual project approaches and not the half-hour or whatever spent generally outlining my services or qualifications for, say, a wedding or other simple event.

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      I should have said $25 to $50 per hour.

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