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      My system is a HP desktop with a quad core2 Vista with W7 upgrade. I record videos with my Panasonic ZS3 in AVCHD Lite mode. Editing software is the Sony Vegas Pro 9.

      I’ve google’d, youtube’d and used the help topic in Vegas but I can’t seem to correct my video problem. Here is a example I’ve uploaded to Youtube:

      What is thatdiagonal flickering (color changing)in my video? Is that Interlace? I can’t seem to remove it from any of my videos, I’ve tried different methods from online tutorial but nothing is working.

      The funny thing is that I don’t get the “flickering” when using Muvee or PHOTOfunSUITE HD Edition that came with the camera… sadly both programs don’t work very well or not at all.

      Can someone help me.


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      That’s not what interlace is.

      My guess is that it’s due to AVCHD being highly compressed. I’m assuming it doesn’t look like this in camera though? Try converting a clip to DVCProHD, bring it into Vegas, and export for web or whatever you are delivering

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      Yeah that’s not interlacing that looks like your software having a compatibility issue with your cam’s video codec. Rob’s advice is best and I’d add do a straight conversion from avchd to uncompressed AVI since you are using a PC. You could do an uncompressed quicktime as well but I’ve found those files are usually much larger than the avi’s. Once you’ve got it uncompressed, it will be a lot easier to work with and you shouldn’t have those funky ‘effects’ rolling through the scan. Once you’ve got it edited, then you can ‘do what you want with it’ as Rob said.


      Dude, I saw the new avatar and wondered, “who the hell is that?” Took a minute to associate it with you.

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      bahaha, I thought the exact same thing when you first changed your picture. It’s funny how we don’t even look at the user name, we just remember their picture

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      Wow, that’s really something. You could almost save those settings as a preset and use them as an “effect.” The changes in color around the boat, including the windshield, are crazy. Almost looked like some form of color correction, but I can’t imagine any settings would make that effect.

      Just so we’re clear, like robgrauert asked, the images on the camera do not have that? For example, if you play directly from the camera onto your TV, it looks fine?

      I assume that’s the case, since you said they look okay when rendered in another software package. Those other two packages don’t look okay simply because they compress it so much that it’s just no longer noticeable, do they?

      I doubt it’s merely an AVCHD compression issue. I edit AVCHD primarily and haven’t seen that craziness (yet–knock on wood).

      Please keep us posted here, too. I’m curious to know more.

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      looks like it may be the program itself (Vegas Pro 9e). I installed Vegas Movie Studio HD 9 and no more problem.

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      Glad to hear it! I re-watched it though and that windshield at 0:44 is crazy stuff!

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      I seem to have a related issue. My machine is a mercury with duo core process, 2GB ram and Invidia Gforce7500 VGA card. Everything used to be ok till recently, I usually work Adobe after effects, Premier Pro and Photoshop. Every time i opened any this programs added my footage, it was shuttered, I have rendered a video in After Effects and this is the result.

      I have tried reinstallation of all the After effects, graphics card drivers, i have even upgraded to Windows Vister but nothing seems to work.

      I will would really appreciate any help as am really behind schedule with most of my projects.

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