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      Ok here is the deal, I just got in to high quality videography for and outdoor tv show. Here is my problem, when it comes to audio I know nothing. The company says I need a shotgun mic, and a wireless mic and I need to record it in dual audio or something so they can put in voice-overs when editing it. I have a Sony hdr-fx7 can someone please help me with what I need to do/buy to achieve this or at least point me in the right direction. Thank you.

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      You have two xlr inputs. Hit and snag up a good shotgun mic. You’ll plug that into one channel. Grab a wireless lav and plug that into the other channel. You’ll clip your telent with this mic and the shotgun will be used for ambient sound. They’ll lay VOs ona different track in post, along with music and sweetening.

      If you need help producing, shooting, or editing, let me know. I’ve worked on outdoors shows for decades and always enjoy it.

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