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      So, I have an idea for a movie consisting of a lot of car chase, racing, driving, etc scenes of various angles, moving and stationary. Thankfully, I just bought a Pathfinder with a sunroof and opening back glass that I am planning great things for. My question is, in a roundabout way, has anyone here ever built a very cheap camera mount for use on a vehicle in motion? Or, I suppose, is there something of the sort for sale cheaply? My idea is something like the camera strapped into a "nest" of foam (tempur pedic?) inside a box that is then mounted onto the vehicle– roof, hood, etc. I was thinking some large suction cups perhaps to attach. Yes, it is somewhat risky for the camera, but I think something along these lines is safer than a passenger holding onto a tripod above their heads out of the sunroof. Mainly, I want it to be smooth shots going down the road, which is why I was thinking Tempur pedic foam, no motion transfer and all that.

      Sorry for the length. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    I’ve toyed around with car mounts in the past and what I found to work well is mounting the camera to the vehicle as tightly as possibe and let the cameras "steadyshot" clean the rest. The vehicle has shocks and you won’t be driving fast when filming so the vibrations will be minimal. I’ve strapped a tripod to the vehicle door with the camera on top of the tripod looking into the vehicle as to film conversation while moving and it looks real steady. You have a sunroof so your cameraguy can stand up through it. If you have roof racks then you have something to strap to.

    Whatever way you decide to go, test it out first. Don’t trust that it will work then find out the day of shooting that it won’t.

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    I came across a excelent little product called the StickyPod.
    I have used it on many occasions. Its great! I am not sure what your budget is for this thing but they start at about 60 bucks for the basic "My Sticky Pod kit" Also it will stick to pretty much anything with a flat surface so it can be used for much more than just a car mount. I once shot a short with pretty much just the sticky pod(not by choice) but it worked very well. So well in fact that another person on my crew decided to purchase one just because of its vercitillity.

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    Very interesting. Pretty much exactly what I’m looking for I guess. Which kit do you have or have used videolab? That director pak looks awesome, but certainly well out of the price range. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the heads up.


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    Build your own car mount similar to the StickyPod…

    For this one you just have to find the industrial suction cups:

    Custom in car camera mount:

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    ordered the sticky pod propak and an extra 12" extension for a steady cam setup. should be here in a few days; i’m very excited.[/quote]

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