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      I’d like to learn video editing with FCP but don’t want to pay for it.

      Any suggestions? Could I shadow someone, be their assistant?

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      I guess you could just bang on some doors and see if someone will let you start as a post production assistant. From there you can work your way up to an assistant editor and then eventually to an editor.

      I don’t know how far you will get without prior knowledge though. Your best bet is to at least by Final Cut Express along with a lower end Mac and learn some of the basics that way.

      You’re not going to do much without spending money in this industry.

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      Ditto on FC Express but is only $25 per month and give you access to their entire library of tutorials.

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      Have a look at If you pick up on his free(yes Free) episodes on Final Cut Express you will find much of it will apply to FCP.

      And his teaching style is excellent.


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      I highly recommend calling up the Student Activities Offices at a few area colleges and asking if there are any students that edit video for the Student Government group or the Programming Board.

      I have found this to be useful for learn FCP & Photoshop.

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      There are a HOST of folks who have scraped up the money necessary to purchase the software, then waded through the available pdfs from Apple and self-taught. Baring that, you can get a bit of a start at places like Lynda Dot Com viewing the teaser freebies there; LAFCPUGwhere they have tutorials also; or do a search on Google for any one or more of various sites where information and tutorials (good and bad) are available.

      Also, check out Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro for lots of GREAT info. There’s also DV for Teachers where Andrew Balis provides a lot of info – he is a long-time contributor to Ken Stone’s popular site. Don’t overlook Apple where you’ll discover “resources” as well. Last, but not least, is Digital Media’s site, where you’ll find tutorials, reviews and techniques. Oh, and Grinner’s favorite website at Creative Cow.

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      Grinner Hester

      Intern at local post houses. Back in the day when edit suites were 7 figures, this is how all of us learned rooms… by donating time.

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      There are plenty of folks who did the “apprentice” thing and came away with GREAT skills, knowledge and resources in the video production world.

      There are also plenty of folks who went the “self-taught” route and made it big, well, “big enough” in the independent video editing or production world.

      Neither route is perfect, neither is the be-all, end-all solution to gaining expertise in editing solutions, or acquisition solutions, or business basics. Both routes, as well as formal education, can be expensive one way or another – time, money, energy, getting screwed by unscrupulous self-professed “benefactors” or “mentors” or “college professors” for that matter.

      With the HOST of affordable or FREE resources on the web, as mentioned in the links from my previous response here, there is no reason a person with access to the software and a reasonable computer cannot learn FCP on their own, even acquire some seriously bodacious short cut and creative techniques that NEVER make it to the surface in a learning program, or apprentice solutions where you wind up fetching coffee or dusting keyboards instead of getting any serious hands-on instruction – like many of these folks who take you on for little more than nothing per hour think simply being in their godly presence will bring you capabilities and skills through virtual osmosis.

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