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      Hey guys!

      I just finished the 2.0versionof my website, and i am looking for some feedack/citique. Does it look good, modern, sleek, etc? But more importantly, does it look PROFESSIONAL??

      Thanks guys! πŸ™‚

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      Looks good, nice images, I like that there’s not an overwhelming amount of rhetoric, good facts and info, easy to navigate. It took a bit of time for the opening to upload but went well and quickly after that. Good job, your efforts are well-reflected. Congratulations.

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      Thanks you Earl! I appreciate your feedback! πŸ™‚

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      This is really good!

      The placement of the images and texts is really good. I also like the the colors. Not too cluttered. Good stuff

      I, too, used Wix. It offers so many good templates

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      I thought it was impressive.
      If I may two items for consideration.

      1) If you have the pro account remove the “FREE WEBSITE WITH WIX” Logo at the bottom. Just think that if you spend the money for the account don’t advertise for them.

      2) This one will suck…Your Site is in Adobe Flash. The entire Cyber World is fixing to flip is polar axis. HTML5 is going to be the gold standard for ALL browsers
      It should be completed by end of 2012. Some interesting tidbits, Opera and Chrome is now fully HTML5 enabled, Firefox can be set to it, Of course Microsoft is behind with IE, (Vista, XP, 2000, and older will NOT support HTML 5 in IE at all)
      With the full release of HTML5 what can we expect to see go away?

      Adobe will fade out Flash (what your site is running on)
      At this time they have removed support for all media devices. It will roll onto the desktop and laptop applications perhaps when all browsers make the switch. Also Microsoft is pulling the plug on ActiveX (again all OS Vista and back are doomed). Java will still be a go as will CSS. Silverlight (it sucks no matter what) Microsoft attempted this prior to the choice of HTML5 being made the standard, Silverlight will also be done away with.

      I have not dug into the other type plugins, but by the end of 2012 the Internet as we currently know it will change dramatically. The release of HTML5 will be the best thing to ever hit, but at the same time require a complete rewrite of every website, I am sure for some time Browsers will have built in compatibility but sooner or later the cost to support that will exceed its need. Just something to keep in mind as we approach the largest change in the Cyber World.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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