New video sharing portal for filmmakers

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This start-up is definitely for those, who are engaged in self video production. Their content base counts hundreds of pretty interesting and well-designed shows (I've checked carefully)) They are trying to accumulate all the best from infamous filmmakers and then entertain us -I've never seen NONE of their animation collection before. You may also try - I'm waiting for your impressions.

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Video Olympic -

Do you have the authority to share this for use in others work? Just asking.

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Thanks for putting out this info. My Co. is currently putting together an IPTV and this is good research material. We had been approached by them for some of our content, but I've held off since we're developing our own thing. If anything else it's a good way to make sure we aren't 'copycatting' (which I truly dislike.) Oh and watch out for Mr. 'Video Olympic'. I tried to dial up and got bupkis. Nada on the google search too. No doubt a scam or a 'nettrap'.

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