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      Im new to the forums, but Ive been a long time reader/viewer of the magazine and the podcast. Great stuff!

      In one of your recent episodes you said there werent very many professional quality videos on YouTube. Id like to add another one to your list, a film noir called Dont Speak. (WARNING: there is some cussing and violence)

      This was my capstone project in college. I recently graduated, and I am trying to start my career. I wanted to submit it to your Take Twenty segment, but it is over the time limit. Id love to have everyones opinions.

      Thanks again for all your hard work.

      -Kris G

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      No replies?

      Is this the wrong place to post this?


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      Thanks for the thought, man. Why don’t you send it in , and we’ll see if we can’t work it in somewhere. We use this philosophy with the print mag too: whatever lays around is more likey to end up in the mag.


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