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Hi, I want to put together a memorial slide show to post on youtube. A tribute to my sister who recently passed away. I have lots of photos to use as a story book. I also want to add my own music along with the photos, her life's story in say 5 minutes of a slideshow video if you will. Then uploaded to youtube so friends and family can watch and hear it. I have a winxp and win 7 pc. I have never created a slideshow video. I have no idea which software to buy. I read some conflicting reviews on a few. Please, can anyone help me and suggest an easy to use software to complete this task? Thank you very much in advance..jim

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 Hey Jim, if your near Sheboygan, Wisconsin, I'd be happy to have to stop by and edit on one of my machines -- free.  I remember going through your same delemma when I started. If you're only planning on doing the one video, then maybe downloading a free editor would serve your needs -- search the Internet and you'll find enough free editors for simple uses.

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Thank you for the offer, but I live in s. calif. I have looked at some of the free downloads, but I suspect once I do this I will be bitten by th bug and will want to continue down the path. So am looking for under $200.00 program for a win.7 or xp system. I use pro tools as my music sequencer and would like to use it for this video project to interject the music score to the slideshow type video storyboard.

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You may want to check out Adobe Premiere Elements, I am not sure on how many transitions the program has but it is around $120, I use the pro version.|22180|adobe%20premiere%20elements||S|b|8526333314

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Earl, one of the forum moderators, has specialized in this area - He has a blog and website that can help.

Earl - Maybe you can elaborate.

Bruce Paul 7Squared Productions

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If you're looking to do something quick yet professional you could use this online tool for making slideshows with music, photos, and video: I was just at a wedding where a groom who didn't know much about video ended up making a nice slideshow using Animoto. I thought the results were fantastic! For what you're looking to do, you can buy a package from them that costs $39 - a pretty good price for putting in way less work while still having a good look. Animoto will then make a flash video file of the final edit which can be easily uploaded to YouTube. They'll also let you download the video from their site to burn to a DVD! Could be a good solution for you and could save you $150 or more in editing software costs :)

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 pinnacle studio HD ultimate.


i got mine for $95

Very user friendly, with an easy to navigate interface...

Great for ameature users.