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      Merry Christmas from Sony…dates/vegaspro

      Notable fixes/changes in version 11.0 (Build 510/511)

      • Updated Sony AVC format render template customization to support AVCHD 2.0.
      • Added StreamChase feature for editing media while it is being ingested by an XDCAM Professional Media Station.
      • Added Sony Tablet presets to Sony AVC format.
      • Improved performance for MVC reading.
      • Added support for 24p MVC as well as support for additional 3D cameras (such as the Panasonic Z10000).
      • Re-enabled support for Mono (multiple) templates for AIFF and Wave formats.
      • Add the ability to create folders in Compositors window.
      • Added Titles & Text Scroll Left preset for creating text crawls.
      • Extended Titles & Text animation from first line to all lines for built-in presets.
      • Added GPU acceleration for Pan/Crop rotation as well as Track Motion rotation, shadow, and glow.
      • Added GPU acceleration for all track compositing modes.
      • Added GPU acceleration to the Swap, Push, Slide, Squeeze, Spiral, Zoom, Barn Door, and Split transitions.
      • Added GPU acceleration to the Invert effect.
      • Added GPU acceleration to the Checkerboard generator.
      • Improved GPU-accelerated image quality for downscaled images.
      • Implemented some performance improvements in ProType Titler and Titles & Text generators.
      • The cursor now stops at the exact end of a recorded event when recording is paused (for example, when using the Enter key).
      • Upload to YouTube has been updated according to the YouTube
        specification: commas (not spaces) are used to delimit tags, and
        single-character tags are not allowed.
      • Projects burned to Blu-ray Disc from the timelines now show elapsed time on hardware players.
      • Fixed a crash that could occur when creating transitions using NumPad * or -.
      • Fixed a crash that could occur when using audio plug-ins protected with PACE iLok system.
      • Fixed a crash that could occur when rendering to ATRAC Advanced Lossless format.
      • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the application after playing back time stretching on audio events.
      • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening certain unsupported MXF files.
      • Fixed an issue with Burn Timeline to Blu-ray Disc that caused an
        invalid Blu-ray image to be created when using the MainConcept MPEG-2
        video format.
      • Fixed an image glitch that could occur with GPU-accelerated MainConcept AVC rendering.
      • Fixed an issue with GPU accelerated Sony AVC rendering using AMD Catalyst 11.10 or 11.11.
      • Fixed an issue reading MPEG-2 files with non-Latin characters in the file name or path.
      • Fixed an issue displaying certain non-Latin characters in ProType Titler and Titles & Text.
      • Fixed issues when using nonsquare pixel aspect projects with some video plug-ins.
      • Fixed an that prevented double-clicking an OFX pop-up fader from setting the correct default value.
      • Fixed an issue where transitions would not appear on the Transition shortcut menu.
      • Fixed an issue with Chroma Keyer changing colors when used in 32-bit floating point mode without GPU acceleration.
      • Fixed an issue with Pixelate producing incorrect output when used without GPU acceleration.
      • Fixed issues with Color Curves and Levels when used with images containing transparent alpha channels.
      • NVIDIA drivers prior to R270 are not allowed for GPU-accelerated video processing as they can cause crashes.
      • Fixed Paste Event Attributes to also paste OFX keyframes.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause events to use the wrong media in certain circumstances (seen when project is later loaded).
      • Fixed scroll wheel support for devices with high-resolution scroll wheels.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented mouse clicks from selecting the
        active multicamera take when external monitor full-screen view was
      • Fixed duplicate devices that could be displayed in Device Explorer.
      • Fixed issues with External Controls not being detected when added and MIDI learning in Control Configure not working.
      • Fixed an issue with closing audio ports when Close audio and MIDI ports when not the active application was enabled in Preferences > General.


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       Mike, thanks fo the info. I just received Vegas 11 (physical copy). Should I install that and then go to the Sonystyle site and download the new bulid or should I just go to the site and install the new bulid? Thanks for your time and effort.

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       Sorry that should be the sonycreative site.

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      Odds are that your physical copy was the very first build (370/371?) and there have been two updates since then so I’d download the latest one. You can always roll back to your CD version if you experience any problems.


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      Mike, thanks for the advice. I thought about installing physical copy and checking the build # and go from there but sounds like it could be extra work with unknown unintended consequences (not all files removed when uninstallation is completed) with no good result. Thanks again. 

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      updated yesterday my pro 11 it seems stable so far. way better then the first build.

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