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Hi all, I hope some of you can advise on this subject. I've been given a small budget to build a little TV studio which will be boradcasting via the web. I've investigated in depth but I thought I'll get some feedback from you guys if you don't mind!

Camera - Sony HXR-NX5E or the Sony HXR-NX5U
TriCaster 450 or the 300
E-Image EL-7060-AA Tripod Kit
Datavideo IT-100 talkback system
Sennheiser EW 112-P G3 GB wireless system

<p align="left">Lighting:- Ceiling mounted
Cool lighting 1 front, 1 back, 2 key Lighting rig and controller

Dimming and Lighting Control

5502 DMX unit,
954 55W Daylight Tubes
VD-DMX Cable - 2MTR
VD-DMX Cable - 5MTR
VD-DMX Cable - 10MTR
DMX Terminator
SDC-6 Fader Desk.
<p align="left">If I've missed off anything or if you have any other suggestions please let me know.
<p align="left">Thanks,

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Question: What are the dimensions of the studio you will be using? Does it have noise problems? If so you will need to consider sound proofing.


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Presumably you'll be using the virtual studios? If so, then a second camera is pretty vital. For lighting just two basic positions - I'd also suggest maybe some wired mics too - remember an expensive radio system is nearly as reliable as an xlr-xlr microphone cable!

The comms system is quite good value - does it come with headsets too? It's a good start - but I suspect you also need to consider the infrastructure - to hang the lights, carry the cables, etc. Is the trickster going in a separate room? Monitors - video and audio, mic boxes, sound treatment, cabling and all the other gizmos need effort. The trickster can of course be used as a self-op production system, but it's much nicer with somebody working it who can switch screens adjust eq and colours and all the other features. The experts from Newtek do great self-op displays but it's damn hard to be that comfy with the system.

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Have you looked at the Black Magic Design products? If you are on a small budget certainly take a look at BMD. Their BMD TV Studio runs less than $1000 and their next model up (the one we use here at MFPTV) the BMD ATEM 1 M/E video switcher is outstanding and runs about $2500. Are you considering the TriCaster 450 portable, 450 Extreme and what about the control surface?

Regardless, of which video switcher you use you need to be aware of what format it supports (HDMI, HDSDI, SD, SDI) and what the inputs are. If your camera only outputs HDMI (i.e. 1080i) and the switcher only accepts 1080p what converts do you need? If the switcher only accepts SDI you need an HDMI to SDI convertor etc. I didn't see anything on your list for graphics generation or playback (yes the TriCaster has some graphics capabilities but...). What type of channel will it be - will a teleprompter be needed? Will the cameras be stationary and how far from the video switcher - you will need cable runs for each.

There's a lot to be considered and a whole lot you just dont think about until after you get a good ways down the road.

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