new turnkey PC workstation for Liquid & AVID

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      At the last UFVA Conference (Aug 2007), debuted their new turnkey computer system designed specifically to run Liquid and Media Composer (as well as Express). The really cool thing about it was that it was truly pre-engineered for those of us who are not geeks nor blessed with in-house I.T. or Techie Support. The system ships complete with two widescreen monitors, Edirol speakers, four massive internal hard drives, and pre-installed with all the software. Where this system really shines, though, is in its unique RED Disk restore kit — that allows the editor to completely wipe clean and restore the main System Drive to its original factory-perfect state. All the software & configurations, drivers, settings, etc. are reloaded — without any loss of editing data. It really takes the hassle out of maintaining an edit system! Even new Service Packs and AVID updates are loaded via these RED Disks.
      It is about time that someone applied some common sense to designing and building an efficient editng system for those of us who are not "electronically blessed". As an Adjunct Professor (and former Production Sound Mixer), I had picked up an Academic copy of Media Composer last year — but found it real frustrating trying to purchase a computer for it. Everyone kept asking me what components I needed for it, and if I had known all those answers, I wouldn’t have been asking the salespeople for advice! I called HP, and the person on their phone didn’t even know what AVID was, let alone what I needed for it. came into being after I spoke with some experts in Burbank who made a living servicing editing suites for the big studios. They told me what I needed to make AVID run properly, and then asked if I thought there would be a market for an editing system that was created just for folks like myself (smart enough to be just dangerous).
      Here we are, one year later, and the VES/Delta 1000 workstation is now on the market and catching a lot of people’s attention. Not only does it run Liquid super fast, but it is full of advanced features that only someone who has spent a lot of time in editing suites would have thought to include.

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      at $10,000 bucks man it better work !!!

      don’t really believe you need this unless you have unlimited funds, write it off, or edit for like 40+ hours a week.

      dual core or quad core + software should only cost you under 5K. and they work fine.

      if you can edit and do effects, your already a geek, LOL

      all the best

      Tin Man

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      Well, you get what you pay for in the computer world.

      First of all, the basic VES/Delta 1000 is not ten grand, unless you are adding in a five drive internal RAID system. Secondly, the price includes all of the peripherals such as dual wide-screen monitors, professional Edirol speakers, custom keyboard. It is a multi-drive system, with four hard drives (not counting the RAID). It is (certified for AVID) Nvidia top of the line graphics & chipset. It is three communications systems (WiFi station & access point; 10/100-gigE for cooperative editing; and 10/100 for internet); and lots more features.

      Yes, it IS for the guy who edits 40+ hours a week and makes a living as an editor. It IS for the editor who has to deal with complex graphics, complex soundtracks, HD, and other high demands.

      And what price would you put on the RED Disk recovery system, that eliminates having to deal with software installation issues, corrupted files, bad drivers, and the all other stuff that gives people ulcers? Self-repair of an ill hard drive in less than an hour is worth an awful lot in terms of grief and downtime…. The last time I had to get my office computer serviced, it was down for three days and took a Tech Support expert around 4 hours of labor to completely restore my C drive (and cost me a few hundred dollars in fees).

      The VES/Delta is for the professional who makes a living with Liquid or AVID. The cost of a system works out to be around $300-ish a month (on a 36 month lease-to-own); which is a lot of money for a hobbiest but minimal for someone who earns a living on their edit system and needs speed & reliability.

      We did price comparisons with other systems. Sure, you could find a lot of computers for far less money, but not with the same specs nor features. If you compare higher end systems, ours is actually a much better deal. The quality of engineering is far superior in terms of addressing the needs of AVID editors; and our turn-key approach eliminates guesswork as well as simplifies maintenance or training.

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