new to video processing. need some guidance.

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      Hello this is my first post at the videomaker forum. I am happy to have found this site and happy to be here. I will start right off with why I am here and some of the questions I am wrestling with.
      I have years of video tape on vhs and I want to transfer them to DVD. While I am transfering the vhs to DVD via computer. I would like to edit and if its possible enhance some of the video. Right now I am at the stage building a computer that can best achieve these goals.
      Some of the questions I am addressing and hope to call upon your expertise to answer are: What type of motherboard and processor would be best for working with video? What special features do I need to persue enhancment of transfered video? Should I get a DVD player or is the cd disk player adequate enough for making the transfer?
      I have a lot more questions;however I think this is enough for now. I look forward to talking with you all and learning from you. While at the same time sharing any revelations I may have as I proceed with this new hobby and grow. Right now my main concern is to be sure I start off with the right equipment and computer hardware to achieve my objecives of transfering home movies,old tapes and new material to from VHS to DVD succesfully.

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