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      Hello everyone!

      I’ve read around a bit, but am completely new to this sort of thing. I have always thought it would be fun, but never did anything much with it.

      About a year ago, I purchased a GS300 for shooting simple things, like my kids at Easter, christmas, etc.

      My question is, is the GS300 capable of much more? I knowvery littleabout shooting video, but would like to work on making short films, shooting random videos (MX, skate, etc).

      I was curious as to if I should/could buy different lenses for the GS300 that would help make it a capable machine, or if I needed to upgrade entirely, in which case I might just put this back on the ‘wish list’ of things I’d like to try some day (having 2 kids means I dont have a big budget of $$ to be spent on hobbies!)

      Is it a good camcorder? When looking online I saw lots of good things about it for shooting family events and such, but now I’d like to do more. Should I sell it and upgrade? Keep it around?

      Any info is appreciated…

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      There are two main advantages to this camera:

      3ccd=nice picture!

      External microphone input= the opportunity for better sound.

      The downside is no headphone jack but I remember reading that there are workarounds availble.

      My not so expert opinion.

      Hope it helps!


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      I have owned a PV-GS300 for about two years. I have used it for short films, documentaries, commercials, and most recently as the B-Roll camera for a school musical. I have used it side-by-side with $5k pro cameras and have the found that the picture quality is fantastic, especially if your lighting is good. Yes, the audio issues can be worked around. I found that by practicing with a good shotgun mic, I could get pretty good audio. I could then fix anything else in post. Now I simply record to a portable multi-track recorder and use the camera just for the video. Feel free to check out the demo-reel on my (in progres) website; I shot it with the PV-GS300. (

      Hope this helps,


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      Also find a camera that is better in low light, perhaps a Canon Vixia HL-10

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