New to video making. I have a few simple questions.

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      I am doing a pretty simple video project for my drawing final. I have
      some skating videos but what I want to do is add in my own animation during certain points in the video. Im going to hand draw the stills since I
      don’t have my mouse or tablet with me to use on photoshop.

      I plan on capturing each frame I want to draw and print it out and then
      draw it out. How should I go about inserting those back in? Can I just
      scan them? I need to make sure the resolution is on the same page as
      the original video and I need to keep it level. Please help. If you’re still having trouble understanding what I am asking for please let me know so I can try to explain it better.

      Also, do you think imovie would be a decent enough program to do what I need done on or should I look for something else?

      A hastily reply is appreciated. 🙂


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      I am NOT that knowledgable of the technique, but sounds like you are wanting to “rotoscope”? I shouldn’t even be replying, though I do use iMovie sometimes for simple stuff, because I do not have a concrete answer for you. Seems though, from what little experience I have, you should be able to scan them back in using 720×480, depending on standard definition or high definition production? You would need, of course, to be able to remove the background (I do this in PhotoShop) so your graphics would come out the way you want, overlaying the video below. I simply do not know if iMovie offers this level of editing. Hope someone with better, more experience, will chim in in time to help you.

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      Yes the video will be in high deffinition which I would think make it a bit easier. I can probably manage to remove the background with the mouse pad or I hope.

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      You don’t mention what non linear editor (NLE) you are using but the common technique is to export your video as frames (use JPEG – most probably 29.97 frames per second of video), edit them in Photoshop, then bring themback in to your NLE in the proper sequence and render out to video.

      I think this is what you are asking for – It is not difficult but VERY tedious.

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      scan your drawings into photoshop, resize and crop them save them (try both transparent gifs, and/or jpegs one should work).

      then you need quicktime pro (about $30.00) to create a stop motion video of your stills (google: stop motion animation using quicktime pro).

      using quicktime pro again you should be able to overlay that animation over the other video. (google how to.).

      that is the cheapest easiest way, if you don’t have finalcut express or pro.

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      If you are going to print the pictures out, hand draw on them, and then scan them back in, their resolution will exceed the video’s resolution. I do not think imovie will be what you want to work with – it’s too basic and pretty much only allows for simple cuts. I haven’t used quicktime pro which D0n recommended, so I don’t know about that. Finalcut express probably is the cheapest thing I can think of that would fit your needs. It’s about $200. If quicktime pro does it for $30, then more power to ya.

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      You can capture the frames tnat you need to animate or draw as an JPEG, send them to photoshop with thesize of your video resolution may be 720×576…

      cut the background then save them as PNG so that you can be able to import them to your Video. and if you use premiere pro you can import them as composition there you can animate them very well.

      hope this also can help.

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