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      hi everyone,

      just became interested in video making when I got a Sony HDR-HC3… I think its a very capible camera, however I am just starting to use it and sometimes have no idea what I am doing or what things mean….

      any help or comments would be great



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      Might be a bit easier if you posed specific questions or talked a bit about what exactly it is that you would like to know the “meaning” of. Not trying to be harsh, but your post, while appreciated as yet another potential member of the community, is a bit broad and there are MANY existing posts, subjects, responses here that could give you an overview of some of the stuff you want to know.

      I for example, don’t know WHEN to stop writing. Could write you a BOOK, and I’ve been accused of doing so in fact, but then in trying to address all the possibilities based on your “just starting” with no idea, implying a high degree of confusion.

      There are a LOT of people here who will immediately chime in as soon as you post something specific they feel qualified (or not πŸ˜‰ to respond to.

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      thanks earl for the quick response. I wanted to know specifically if a HDV camcorder is compatible with iMovie 4 on a mac??? If not are there any free programs that will capture the video form the camcorder and then allow you to convert it to a quicktime movie or other formats for a DVD??? As I said I am new to the whole world of video, so I will probably have more questions as I use the camera more….. another thing is what are the best settings for the camcorder for recording and capturing/??? I am using 1080i, and am trying to capture this, but can only capture 480 on my iMovie program… I have final cut pro 4 and have no idea how to use it….. I can usually figure things out myself but I cant even capture to FCP…. is their a specific thing you have to do in this program in order to capture from a camcorder using HiDef???? thanks for any comments

      take care


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      Jarrod, are you limited to an older Mac & OS that prevents you from getting an upgrade to the iMovie software? iMovie 6, iMovie 9 and now even FCP X which is more like iMovie, but would require current OS iterations and a more recent Mac, probably.

      Anyway, it would be difficult to teach ALL that is needed to utilize what you have and guide you through ingesting or digitizing your HDV footage but there are answers and solutions and some of the more knowledgeable people here WILL pipe in shortly, probably. Meanwhile, when Apple released iMovieHD, I think with version 6, iMovie6, it reportedly was compatible with HDV video.

      Here’s an (dated) article that still might give you some better general info, even though the guy is talking about his experience with iMovieHD and the HDV footage from his Sony HDR-FX1, still it should be useable info as relates to HDV and your Mac. I suspect, though, that there’s some reason you’re still using iMovie 4?

      See if this article helps you at all, if others chime in, or if you need or can pursue an upgrade path to something a bit more current in regard to iMovie and its HD enhancement back in the day. You need to get past the older iMovie with its 480 limitation and move into a version friendly to your camera’s HDV capabilities. Though it is a few years old it appears that your camera remains a good tool.

      I don’t know if that model gives you an option to shoot SD and HDV, probably not, but if it did you could shoot in standard definition (SD) and thus probably edit using iMovie 4. Would also depend on the computer, its processors and capacity … might be too long in the tooth if it is one of the generations that were prevalent at the time of iMovie 4 and earlier?

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      imovie hd (last version on an imac g5) worked with the old mac for me but was wayy too slow. I ultimately had to upgrade my computer and software to get it to play nice.

      In fact every serious camera upgrade we’ve ever made involved buying or upgrading the computers at the same time…. from 6 mp d-slrs and the emac g4 to the 10 mp d-slrs and dv+hdv video on an imac g5 to avchd and 14 mp d-slrs and intel macs….

      so my advice to you is to look for an intel mac even the newest mid level mac mini. trust me it will solve all the headaches at once and leave you with room to upgrade to the new Final cut pro. as always, add as much ram as you can…

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      thanks for the comments guys, I am stuck with iMovie 4 for the time being as it is what came with my iBook in 2006, and I am in no position to upgrade financially, however the HDR-HC3 does capture in SD at 480i, so I can just use the smaller format for the time being with imovie 4. I still am going to try it in FCP4 and see if I get anywhere on there, But then again I amso limited to a 30GB HD on the iBook…. so… I have a brand new Sony PC, I know its not an apple, would there be any programs (Maybe freeware) that are available on the PC, I am not looking for the editing side of the program but want to just capture the video, and export it as a quicktime movie, or have the ability to burn it on a DVD player for use in a standard player for the TV….. thanks again for all the helpful comments here and I am glad I found the forum website!!!!!


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      HDR-HC3 use professional level ClearVid CMOS image sensors and image processor, let photography not only can capture the good high quality HD), the image (also can take 4 million pixels static images. You will be able to easily experience the world’s smallest, lightest HDV digital video camera and video function of professional superior.

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      thanks for everyones replies!!!!

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      i m new on the forum , i want to get some knowledge about all Sony web camera and simple camera’s. it’s picture quality, i listen it’s picture quality is very clean. it’s quality is best.

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      Hello everyone! I am also a newcomer in this forum. I want to enjoy with you through sharing various information.

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