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      Hi All!

      I’m going to start making educational videos on basic legal topics.I’m a PC user, but am open to learning a Mac. I’m a pretty quick study. Can you tell me if there’s a recommended PC video editingsoftware that is preferred, or if you recommend buying a Mac and Mac video editing software. I’m NOTlooking to become a professional; I would like to get up and running in a short amount of time.

      Please be specific on the type of Mac I should buy and software program.

      Thank you much for the information!


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      how good is your pc? if recent, and powerful you may only need upgrade ram or ram and video card…

      I’m a mac user and will suggest any recent mac with as much ram as it will take will work. Imove and fce are plenty good for most any job a novice/low volume pro could need.

      even the mac mini..

      the main thing is ram(with apple you want to by 3rd party like crucial or kingston to save money), and external hard drives. esata or firewire…

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      Hi Kristine –

      For PC’s there are many options here.

      1) Use Windows Movie Maker – It’s free and if you’re using Win XP or later, it’s already on your machine. The early versions were awful but the later versions are not too bad and I’ve seen amazing results from some who use it.

      2-9873) There are many (ok, not 9873) non-linear editors out there. Some offer scaled down versions (almost as functional for a raction of the price of the professional one) and other offer free trials – Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier, Avid Media Composer, Pinnacle Studio, the list goes on…

      I would suggest you download trial versions and see which you prefer – I know Sony offers 30 day fully functional versions of all their software ( and have a Pro version (about $600) or a home version (Movie Studio) for less than $100. I believe other offer a similar deal.

      If you want to go with a Mac, your options will be less – Final Cut is the big gun on that platform (iMovie would be like Windows Movie Maker).

      Personally, I have used Movie Maker and Pinnacle Studio (older version) then moved to the Movie Studio version of Vegas (then called Screenblast Movie Studio) – I upgraded to the Pro version (then called Vegas+DVD 6) within a year due to increased needs. I love Vegas and have looked at other NLE’s but would not even think of switching now (no compelling reason) – I currently edit with Vegas Pro 8 (I skipped version 9 and will upgrade to 10 when it comes out).

Viewing 2 reply threads
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