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      I recently just got a camcorder to video tape our newest addition to our family. I’m not trying to make a professional movie or video but what I would like to do is be able to edit parts out, add my own background music not the music that comes with the softare, and also add some nice transitions between the video clips. I don’t want to spend a great deal of money on software but was wondering what you all would recommend for me being a home user.
      Thanks in advance

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      Hi –

      Congrats on the new addition.

      I started with other software but for under $100 you can’t go wrong with Sony’s Vegas Movie Studio.

      You can download a fully functional, 30 day trial here:

      If you decide you like this stuff – it’s a simple move (only requiring a couple hundred bucks) to move up to the full version of the product.

      That said, you get an amazing amount of functionality in the Move Studio version so you would only have to upgrade if you decide you need advance, professional features. You can also download a 30 copy of Vegas+DVD on Sony’s website if you’d like to play before deciding.

      Good luck.


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      Windows Movie Maker.

      It’s free and it can do everything you listed above.

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      Awesome…Congratulations! I started editing video of my son when he was born. It went so well that I’ve been doing it professionally ever since. Movie maker is a good suggestion. The most important part is to get as much footage as you possible can, even if it seems pointless, you’d be amazed at wat slow motion can do for some of the most boring footage and you will most definitley think of something fun to do with that footage years from now. You can than start experimenting with other programs like the adobe premiere free trials. There is also a free avid system. Regardless it’s 100% garunteed that you will need some patience. It took me 6 months to complete my first video but it was well worth it. It really doesn’t have to take you that long to do yours but the more thought and time spent on your project the better it’ll be and it is always rewarding.

      Best Regards,


Viewing 3 reply threads
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