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      I’m new to DVD authoring, although I have been doing digital (and analog) audio and video editing for personal and commercial use for a while.

      I need some input on what software to consider for putting my video projects on DVD with a reasonable degree of speed.

      I did a 70 minute video with Ulead VideoStudio 8 (demo) and all went well editing, effects and setting up the DVD chapters – then I got to the last step… burning the DVD files. It took over 14 hours for it to encode, transcode, and/or whatever it does! I have a new 3GB Intel processor, 512 mem (yes, I know I need more), big fast HD and DVD burner.

      I did another video of similar size Sonic MyDVD, and another with Nero 6. Both of those went from video file to DVD files much faster, but I an not nuts about either for various reasons.

      So- what step or steps are taking so much time? What program or programs can I use to speed up this process? I don’t mind editing with one program and authoring with another (etc), but would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

      I am very technical (I program for a living) but just can’t find enough info to tell me what programs and processes I need to go from finished video file to DVD quickly.


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      After I finish editing, I’ll burn a DVD+RW(SP mode) on a stand-alone burner. Next, I open Sonic’s “My DVD Studio Deluxe” and load the DVD. This method skips all the format conversion since this file is already in MPEG. All I do with this method is create a simple title screen with a new graphic background and button image. Usually, I do not use the title graphics from the Sonic program, but do all the graphics on the editor. When finished, I burn the master to a DVD+R. From here it goes to the 7 bay duplicator’s hard drive and rips.

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      I edit on a NLE that is neither a PC or MAC. I use the Applied-Magic’s Wavelet system. This gives me a 750 line low loss compression capture in real time. Export is via anything you want, but component is really nice. The system is total video/audio with custom chip sets- no internet, no printers, nothing runs in the background, and no defrag required. Since the system doesn’t use PC/MAC software, DVD authoring is done after outputing to a stand-alone recorder. This method cuts the production time by 50 to 75%. Time is money. πŸ˜€

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