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      Hello, I am a new member and new to DVD making.

      Recently bought a JVC Everio 30GB hard disc drive camcorder. Am very happy with the cam but having some problems getting the right software for making DVDs and also the massive file sizes when exporting.

      Am currently running a windows xp system with Intel Celeron 2.0Ghz processor, 512Mb RAM and a 40GB hard drive. (Yes my system could do with updating lol)

      The bundled software that came with the cam I found very basic and not to my liking so have spent the last few weeks trialling various other products. Windows Movie Maker seemed to be good at first but once I had 2 or 3 mpeg files, some stills and an MP3 imported, the software started freezing on me. This problem continued with a few other programs as well.

      Am currently trialling Premiere Pro (not that I can afford it lol) which works great. But I now find that exporting a 4-5min clip with 1 or 2 Mpegs (40MB max), some stills and 1 MP3 imported, comes out at a whopping 4Gig!! What the???

      My aim is to create DVDs playable in Australian PAL DVD players. I just took about 3&1/2 hours (12Gb) of video on our trip to New Zealand and would like make a DVD presentation that will look and sound good on TV through DVD players.

      Any ideas?

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      uncompressed dv avi is 13gb an hour. However, when you do burn to dvd the file size for the dvd will be a lot smaller.

      Good Luck


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