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      OK so right now I have a Sony DCR DVD 403 camcorder and use Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 (with newest updates)to edit

      I really have taken to this video thing and want a better camera. The DVD camcorder is working great to capture the family events but It lacks manualcontrols and the compression after editing leaves the final DVDvideo quality something to be desired.

      I really do not want to jump into the HD worldsince it is still developing and really expensive to get a camera with manual controls ect….

      SO here is where I am at. I want to buy a used Sony VX 2000 or PD150 or a new VX 2100. I even found aPanasonic AG-DVC30 for $1250

      But I like the sony VX2100 Low lightperformance.

      Here is the question. How do I transfer video to the PC for editing. What software do I use. Is sony Vegas the import software to use will it work.

      I do not have a fire wire on my PC I will need to get a firewire card.( went for all 2.0 USB) never thought about this editing thing.

      I have 2G ram and have no problem going to 4 if needed but I havebeen able to edit my DVD videos with no problem.

      Also I have a a small 140G hard drive so would en external hard drive be a good thing.

      I guess I want to know can I do this with out to much investment after the camera.

      Thanks for any insight to this

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      you should get another hard drive, i would suggest no smaller that 250 gig for video files, you should invest in a firewire card, they are cheap,and use that for transfer from camera to computer, vegas will do just fine for you. the ram is very sufficient for vegas. capture your videos to the dedicated file drive, not the system drive. do not set up a partition on the c drive and capture to that, it’s still the same physical drive. when you do capture your files from your camera, don’t freak out about the capture file sizes, you will be seeing on average 13 gigabytes per hour of video.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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