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      I have a new slider design Salamander Slider on Kickstarter now and looking for some community members in Tampa FL that might like to review it. It can be seen at or at Kickstarter

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      Scot, it’s hard to tell whether this item is actually on the market and, if so, how much each size unit costs. Looks like a winner at the right price.

      Please enlighten.


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      Hi Jack,

      It is on the market but in prerelease on Kickstarter where you can buy it thru the pledge system on the side at an extra discount now. I will put pricing on the website once Kickstarters time is up. I think the price is a great value. In fact I was told by a Cinema photographer locally that it was too low and people would believe it couldn’t be good because of it. Hopefully he’s wrong I wanted to make something very accessible in it’s basic form that would grow with a filmmaker when there ready. Also because of it’s foundation simple and clean the additions I have planned will bolt right into the system grooves as the motors do now but there just the beginning!


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      I agree with Jack it looks like a winner! Only wish I lived in Tampa FL so I could review it πŸ™

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