New RnB HipHop music video.

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      Niva – “I will Make it” is a inspirational motivational video i shot using a canon HV20 and a 35mm static adapter i bought off ebay. The jag35 pro adapter comes in both static and vibrating. the static only costs $99. I bought a tamron 28-80mm lens to go with the adapter. the lens costs 55$ at B&H here in NYC. all in all i’m happy with the results. Focusing with the adapter is very difficult though. The image is upside down. Unless you have a monitor that can flip the image, you can start to go nuts. Zooming in and out is also a big problem with an adapter. I would like to see more articles in videomaker about using an adapter,especiallybecause they are becoming so cheap and many people will be getting them. I shot in HDV and downconverted to DV for editing on final cut express.

      no third party effects or plugins were used. I will be getting the natress effects soon though.

      Your comments and critiques are welcome.

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