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      Hi everyone,

      Im new to the forums and have a query for you.
      I am starting a project whereby a friend has asked me to put together a short video demonstrating one of his electrical products. His intention is to then place it on his website so that new customers who buy it can go online and play the video at any time. is only going to be available online in a help section via QT or WMP.

      We have agreed this must be short,no more than 4 min , and only contain the very basics of operating the product from a new users point of view.

      Has any forum members any experience in this area?
      I would really appreciate any pointers you can put my way.I am ok with filming it,camera techniques , editing and so on.Its really the storyboard thats on my mind.
      I been searching online for some good examples but most are flash based or demos of software. Does anyone have good links?

      I appreciate any help.

      Thanks again

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