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      Well I never thought I’d need to much help with Premier 6.5, but it seems that my new camera is a tad different than my old digital 8.
      I’ve just attempted to load a small clip to see if all goes well, and guess what, it didn’t.
      On capture it was OK, sound and picture. As I imported it into a new project, the sound is jacked up. The video will play, but the audio will not. In fact the only way to get the video to work is to turn off the audio1. It seems that the audio is to large or some setting are messed up.

      I’ve replayed the clip in windows media player, and it sounds ok if I bring the clip into a simple edit software (Roxio) too. Everthing is OK except when I try to play it in AP.

      I’ve tried setting the camera to record in 32Hz and 48Hz, and to also open the new project to match.

      I’m not sure if this is the problem, or something else that I’m over looking.
      I did just notice that when I stretched out the audio clip to see the rubberbands, the sound marking (whatever you call them) are off the chart. It doesn’t look at all like I’m used to seeing. When I talked in this clip the markings are solid in color above and below the line.

      Any one out there with some experience that could lend a hand?


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      compusolver Wrote:

      You say everything was fine during capture, but that your problems began when you tried to import into a new project. Is that right?

      With Premiere Pro, you have to have a project open to do capture. Therefore, may I assume that everything was fine within the project where the original capture was done?

      If that is the case, it would seem that your new project settings must be different from those in the original project. Why not just do a ‘Save As’ to your new project name and work from there? That would ensure the same project settings.

      One other thing – I’m sure you noticed that you must set the Hardware settings to indicate which camera you are capturing from. I assume you’ve set this to indicate your new camera??

      Actually I did not go into the settings for the new hardware before I captured. I use Roxio software to capture, and that may have been my first mistake, as I like the interface they have. I got this sony icon as an option to capture, and went to town. My other camera is a sony too, so I’ll check that out tonight. Not sure that there is a way to make any physical change.

      I believe you can use AP6.5 to capture video, but I’ve never used it. Do you use AP to capture video? Is this even possible?

      Thanks for your help, you’ve given me a few more avenues to explore.

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      Thanks, I’m all set. IT WORKS……. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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