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      Hey guys I’ve got myself a new laptop with what i thought had good specs for $$ and I’m using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 and to render one not even 1 minute video, mind you it has 4 videos in it and a .wav audio file and no matter which way i try to render it, it wants to take over 6 hours.
      Any help would be much appreciated thanks.
      Pc specs:

      Quad Core AMD A6-3410mx 1.60GH, Radeon HD 6520g 512mb Graphics, 4gb Ram.
      Windows 7, 64bit


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      Without knowing your input and output format, I suspect you’ve got a tortise CPU trying to do the work of a rabbit. This chart might be of use:

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      You didn’t mention what you’re rendering: m2v, h264, mov, etc. You may want to play around with your settings…

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      I understand the cpu isn’t the greatest when it come to cpu’s but i let it go last night to see how long it would really take and would you believe it didn’t stop counting up. It went past 48 hours!
      I would have thought no matter how bad the cpu would be it would at least render at some stage.
      Could this be a software issue?

      The input video is .mov and I’ve tried rendering it in many different formats and settings only to get the same result.

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      Doesn’t sound right to me…but we still don’t know the input and output specs: Can you be more specific about what the recording format was? Did you add a lot of color correction and effects? Are you changing the fps? Have you looked at your CPU usage during the render to see if it’s maxed out? Is everything being processed from the boot drive? Throw us a bone here.

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      It might be worth checking what other tasks are running simulatneously too.

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      This definitely doesn’t sound right. I use Premiere Pro CS5 on two PCs A Dual Core with 4GB of RAM and an i7 with 8GB. Render times are about 1.5 to 1 on the latter (1.5 minutes render for 1 minute footage) and about 8 times on the former starting with a mix of MTS, MOV and WAV files on the input and MP4 for output at 720p.

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      probably a corrupted sector on your hard drive or defective ram module…

      run some systems and disc checks on your hardware…

      maybe get that “windows” virus removed and try linux?

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      Ok cool problem fixed. It was a software problem. I upgraded to Vegas Pro 10.0 and it rendered in about 40 seconds.

      Thanks to everyone for there ideas and help!

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