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      I’ve been researching an external hard drive to hook up to my XL-2. While this unit costs 1300.00, it will save in the long run on tapes for the camera. The only issue is it connects to the computer via FireWire. My Compaq Laptop does not have a firewire port and I’m told you can’t add one. I’m looking to get a desktop computer that has the firewire port and will work for video editing.

      What systems do you all use for your editing purposes? Is it worth buying a new computer or should I look into a MiniDV player that connects via USB?

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      My opinion.

      Look at the PC requirements for your editing software. Today most will post two levels, one for edit std video and another for HD video. Know that these are minimum requirements and some systems may still have troubles at that. You will want to look at something that is a step or two above those minimum specs.

      If you are looking to upgrade you software in the near future look at the specs for that program.

      My PC has

      Gigabyte motherboard,

      i7 920quad core processor (hyperthreads to 8 cores),

      12gig ddr3 ram,

      sata 500gig OS HD

      sata 640gig raid0 for audio,

      sata 1.5tera raid0 for video

      nVidia 9800 GT/OC w/1gig onboard.

      So far i have not been able to choke it editing native AVCHD in Vegas Pro 10. It was slowly built up from a base unit bought from iBuyPower over the last year. Some of it is a little overboard but with the prices of HDs dropping all the time and recent drops in ram costs, it was really not that hard to do.

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      Sure you can’t drill a hole to add one but many laptops can take firewire adapters through the expressport and before that through PCMCIA

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      I’m confused.

      It seemed like before you could add an IEEE1394 4-pin express card to your laptop, but now I can only find 6-pin cards.

      (Google Shopping must have done a restock


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      That’s the bad thing about this laptop. I don’t even have a express card slot. I have a USB, Ethernet, and the port that you hook an external monitor to. That’s it.

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      It maybe kind of old, and not have enough power to handle DV capturing.

      Even a cheap ebaylaptop (with firewire, 7200rpm hdd) might do.

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