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      hey guys!!! im a newbie to video, i got a DVC30 from ebay. I decided to get this one after some research. IM now looking for a good mic. Recently i went to a music store and saw mic up to 600dls! thats expenvise, but the quality should be superb. Are the mics/headphones and mixers sold in music stores like samash ok for this cam or i can get the same items cheaper somewhere else?

      im happy im in this forum 🙂

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      I’m very pleased with the Rode Videomic I’m using with my DVC30. It costs about $150, and performs exceptionally well for that price range. It has a mini-plug, so you don’t need to buy the XLR adapter. Azden and Audio-Technica also make some mics for video camcorders which accept mini-plugs. But if you do get that XLR adapter, you can use the more professional (and much more expensive) XLR mics. Sennheiser is a popular brand of XLR mics, such as the very desirable MKH416 ($1100).

      Some of the mics sold in music stores might not be appropriate for video work. You need a condenser mic, not a dynamic mic, in order to get a good strong signal for video work. Also, it should be highly directional, like a supercardiod or shotgun mic. and are places that sell mics for video.

      Good luck,

      Ken Hull

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      thank you so much!!!!!

      i wont buy mics from music stores hehehe

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