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      Hey there,

      Weve got a new website up and running that you may be interested in. is a site that runs monthly themed film competitions.

      Basically you upload your films into the contest each month, cross your fingers that yours is voted the best.and win the jackpot!

      Weve had our first winners announced so there is proof that we put our money where our mouth is. Check them out at and if you think you can do better then get entering!

      This months theme is Red, as long as your film or video has something red in it, you can enter.

      Too easy,

      Doc Sniper

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      Everyone should be aware there is a charge to enter these contests.

      I looked around there and was unimpressed – seems like a scam to me but I’ve been wrong before…

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      I tend to be leery of anything like this when posted by someone who’s membership on the forum is about the same age as their post.

      Call me cynical.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      Plus, who wants cold hard cash? Soft warm money is much more pleasant.
      Thse scams crack me up. Actually, so do many festivals and Telly Awards. Ever met anyone who entered the tellys and didn’t win anything?? lol then when ya “win” it’s just $275 for the trophy.
      still, you’ll see em proudly displayed at every low to mid level production house in the nation. Right next to the chamber of commerce certificate.

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      The advantage of posting information to forums is that you have the opportunity to receive open and honest feedback, however at the same time we are determined to defend any criticism that we feel makes inaccurate claims.

      I though it was important that we let you know that is most certainly not a scam but we definitely understand your scepticism, we’re cynics ourselves, especially given the reputation that the internet has for less than honest business practice. So I though I’d let you know a little bit about where we are coming from.

      We are a small agency operating out of the Gold Coast, Australia. The site’s concept is the brainchild of our director who aims to run the site as a business that offers a place to foster and reward talent in the online film and video community.

      If you are still sceptical, we are willing to put you in touch with the winners of our first contest (who are U.S. based) because it is really important to us that we resist the potential to be labelled suspicious.


      The team from Doc Sniper.

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      Doc Sniper –

      My skepticism comes from a couple of places:

      1) The videos on your site – From what I can view (and that is very little – most just hang there) they seem very amateurish – Sort of the worst of YouTube.

      2) I distrust any type of contest (at least from a startup, as opposed to a recognized film fest) where there are entry fees – it seems to be more of like a raffle or lottery instead of a true contest.

      I appreciate your defense of your site, however, you should consider a) improving the tech behind it (so I can at least view the vids) and b) possibly waiving entry fees until you have established it as a legit venue to show one’s work and have it judged appropriately.

      Just MHO.

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