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      Thought you might be interested in this:

      Give a look at WebFlix Cinema — — it’s an online venue where you post your videos for everyone to see. There is a nominal fee to cover the cost of bandwidth.


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      Seems like WebFlixCinema is gone already. (It says the domain is expired, this is 1/31/06.) Maybe you were totally right, Hank, and people figured it out right away. Oh well.

      You said any web server can handle your videos? I understand this to be true only if you’re going to give the customer a downloadable video (and realistically have 10-15 MB limitations)… what if you want it it stream realtime?

      By the way, i agree, GoDaddy is awesome, but also try if you need a little less bandwidth and a little less bells & whistles… BlueRazor is GoDaddy but with less “stuff” on it.

      Have a nice one.


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