New Monitor Technology for 2012

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      Fellow videographers, wait before buying your replacement video cards and monitors.

      The new DisplayPort standards were settled at last, so video cards should start having the HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2 (DPCP). We “should” see VGA (the blue D shaped connector) and DVI ports phased out of motherboards this year. So why is this good news? Well video card makers now have only to put the DPCP on with a single HDMI (if they opt to include an HDMI). So only 1 DPCP port means only 1 monitor, nope. Endless monitors. The DPCP will be able to support daisy-chain. In the early days of computers most storage drives were on the outside due to size adn they were daisy-chained on the same single cable. This is the same concept with the DPCP monitor. But no longer then 6 feet of cable (I am not sure if per or total) The bandwidth will be at 17.28GB/s transfer, compare VGA at 160MHz and DVI at 400. So the quality is going to be outstanding, but have a good monitor. So video card makers will be able to either shrink the card or put more power to it.

      This is to become the standard by the end of 2012.

      On another note, if you are currently building your own computer, the AMD Bulldozer processor recently released is a stay away from. AMD did not flaw it, but if you are using Windows 7 or under it shuts down the other cores. And causes a serious performance loss. The Intel Sandy Bridge-E is just released and is the proc of choice currently. However if you are waiting for the new DPCP to hit motherboards, then may as well wait for the Ivy-Bridge.

      So things to become standard on computers this year that will have a huge impact to videographers.

      1) New DPCP (DisplayPort Content Protection) for video

      2) USB 3.0 (already out, but should be standard on all systems by years end)

      3) New proc from AMD to replace the Bulldozer and Ivy-Bridge from Intel

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      cool…Thanks for the info


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