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      Hi there people, let me introduce myself, I am Dave the owner of I am an advanced video editor, my skills range from filming, editing, adding special fx, creating and animating 3D models and loads more. I have my own company as a video editor, videographer and photographer. Currently I have completed a promotional video for a company, I designed a satellite in 3d studio max which is now used in the opening of a russian news program and I am looking to expand. I am in the middle of making a series of video tutorial dvds for the national autistic society on how to use a pc. After all not all of us can understand pc’s for dummies so i show them on screen how to use a pc.

      Programs used

      After effects


      3D studio Max

      Sony Vegas

      Adobe encore

      Sony DVD architect



      Fxhome visionlab

      I will be sure to post up my videos to give you an example of what I can do. I also make a lot of video tutorials and these have had great responses on youtube. So I’m happy to join you

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      Hi Dave:

      i just joined the forums myself and enjoyed reading your intro. I am not too technically-minded and after viewing some of your very professionalwork on your website thought it best to just say hello and share a cup of coffee with you thiscold Sunday morning in NYC.

      My primary interests are in shooting video and organizing videomakers into a network of interlinked websites for the purpose of promoting and selling videos in their area. I am just getting started with this project but you can get the idea by visiting

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      Welcome. You sound like you will be an excellent resource to have kicking around the forum! Make yourself comfortable.

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      Yeah, pull up a chair and join in!

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      welcome to the community!

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      Welcome! We look forward to talking with you!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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