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      Hey guys!

      I am a beginning independent filmmaker, and I am just seeking some advice on which camera I should buy. I’ve saved up some money and am ready to order a Sony Z1U / Sony A1U, but I am not sure which to buy!! I want to make / direct FULL independent films but without knowing which camera so it should have a decent good quality, I am not sure which to buy. Please let me know which to buy , which is narrowed down to the A1U or Z1U. Also tell me which accessories I need to get such as what type of lighting, fluid head tripod, lens etc. ANy other advice pleease post thank you!!


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      Hank Castello.. your response did not help me. I have been doing some filmwork for 2 years using a crappy Panasonic 10 year old camera. Yet I still consider myself a beginning indie filmmaker. I worked hard to save up for a Sony V1U/ A1U, so instead of giving me BS and acting like an ego maniac can you help me answer the question.

      I did a lot of research into the V1U/A1U, except I don’t freakin understand the difference really except that the A1U is lighter. But is that a good enough camera for indie films? Instead of avoiding the question please respond as to which camera is better for indie filmwork in general. Which would you prefer to use, the A1U or the Z1U. Thank you.

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      Lol its ok. Honestly I don’t think I’m ready for Sundance for about 5-6 years to be honest. If I submit something its going to be my best. But I AM ready to start filming independent productions for practice and for just doing it for the sake of learning the art of filmmaking. I just want to make sure I get the right camera since I’m going to be spending thousands of dollars. Once again I’ve narrowed it down to HVR-Z1U or HVR-A1U , I’m actually thinking that the HVR-A1U would be a good choice for indie films.. am I right?

      PLease respond with detail thank you!

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      For what it’s worth, I have the hc1, which is the lil’ bro the a1u.
      The video is outstanding.
      I get around the audio differences (between the a1u and the hc1) by running a rode mic and a sony wireless lav into a homemade splitter/switch box that allows me to lay either mic onto both audio tracs, or one each (in mono) onto each audio track.

      I rent the a1u when needed, and use the hc1 for most other things. (my rig cost about $1000.00 less than the a1u, and NOBODY can look at one of my weddings and tell which shots were with which camera!)

      The a1u should do great, but some people tell me the z1u does film like 24 frames/sec footage better, and low light better.

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      How ironic. I’m going to school in an hour to pick up an A1U to use in a film I’m making. Let us know exactly what types of film you want to make, and your budget. As I will have the A1U in my hands in a few hours, I can tell you anything you need to know about it.

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      The picture from both camcorders is great. I’ve been whitness to heaps of footage here at Videomaker.

      I’ll say it comes down to controls. Will having access to deep controls be a hindrance or an asset? The A1u has many controls buried in its menus. On location, digging around will cost some time. The flip side is the small size. If you’ll be in compromising situations where mobility is a factor, then my suggestion to you is the A1u. If you’ll be in "tame" environments, and would like easy access to your controls, then the Z1 may be better for you.

      Andrew Burke

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