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      I found this site very helpful.

      I am from Philippines and I am planning to buy a videocam next month and my budget is $1000. Pls. give me some advise which cam brand and model is the best pick. I heard that MiniDV has better quality.
      Is it better than a 3CCD? Or is there a MiniDV with 3 CCD which has more storage capacity that cost around $1000?
      Is the HDD and DVD of Sony has the same quality as MiniDV?

      I searched the sites of Sony, Panasonic, and Canon, and it seems I’m confused now.

      Awaiting for your reply. Thank you.


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      Thanks a lot Hank for your prompt reply. I really appreciate it.

      I found a 3CCD Videocam with built-in flash light and with a microphone jack and it cost $999.95 only. It’s the Panasonic Model PV-GS500.(

      What can you advise to me?

      Anyone out there who already have this Panasonic PV-GS500? Pls. let me know the pros and cons. Thanks.

      Manila, Philippines

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      I think the Panasonic PV-GS500 is a good camera. and i also think that it would fit your budget. are you planning to purrchase it in the philippines? try to go to the shop in quiapo. i cant remember the name of the store, but i know they offer good deals there. good luck.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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