New Here .. Check out my latest Music Vid

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      Hello all

      Hope your all good, found the forum and thought it would bea great place to meet fellow video makers..

      This is my latest video, would love some feedback to help me improve.

      Speak soon

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      Nice video!

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      foztee, liked it. Nice shooting and good editing to join the beat to the video. What city are you shooting in? I’m not sure I understand the reason to add the black and white and split screen scenes. Overall it’s easy on the eyes and ears. Keep shooting.

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      AvatarMoab Man

      The video looks great. Couple suggestions.

      1:20 I would bring the sound level up a bit. It goes from the volume of the music video to silent before eventually hearing some conversation that comes up in volume. I thought I lost the sound or youtube was acting up/bad upload.

      1:52 Not sure what the brick thing is for. Maybe the blurry bug? Not sure.

      Well done.

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      I’m shooting in London, UK..

      Yeah the sound thing i noticed, will have to sort that. On the Brick there was a fly.. so was just a cutaway really.

      The black and white, split screens were pretty just creative ideas i thought to just add to the video.. was hoping to just add some variation to the colouring

      Erm well thanks everyone! Glad you liked

Viewing 4 reply threads
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